My Sunshine…

This week has been a test of patience, faith and anger management. Just when I thought things were starting to fall into place Ive been thrown a couple curveballs. Not that things aren’t heading in the right direction, but a few hoops have appeared for me to jump through.

Because of that I’ve had a bit of a writers block and a tiny downward spiral so I just didn’t have it in me to pour my heart out this week. BUT I would Like to share with you, the only foolproof way I know how to counter the negativity, and MY sunshine on this gorgeous sunny day.


IMG_2430 IMG_2371 DSCN0055 483 125 469 387 382 023

Photo Credit: Mikaela Ruth Photography
Photo Credit: Mikaela Ruth Photography

ChelseyLilee-80Photo Credit: Mikaela Ruth Photography

So there it is, my cure for a bad day; Knowing that no matter what I do from now on I was once the mother of a little girl that changed the world, one smile at a time.


Chelsey xo

12 thoughts on “My Sunshine…

  1. Read a quote the other day that I love…..”What the heart has once owned and had, it shall never lose.”
    Your pictures are beautiful. Thinking of you often….


  2. Don’t let those curveballs get you, send them straight back to whoever/whatever sent them to you. Tell me who and I will get them for you, love you XXXXXXXXXXXX


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