2015 BCCH Childrun-Team Love For Lilee

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As some of you might remember, last year we participated in the BCCH Childrun, raising funds for Childhood Cancer Research.  Once again, On May 31st,  we are honouring our girl with Team Love For Lilee  and we want to make it bigger and better than our successful year last year.

Today,  10,000 children are living with this disease and 1 out of every  4 children diagnosed will die from their illness.

Childhood cancer rates have gone from 80% mortality to about 25% mortality since the 1960’s. While that is an incredible feat, there has been next to no advancements in the past two decades and 25% is still too high.

Although only 1% of all cancers diagnosed are in children, According to the National Cancer Institute, only 3-5% of all fundraising done for Cancer research will be used for Pediatric Cancers.

Adult and Childhood cancers are NOT the same. They have different properties, reactions and growth patterns, even if they are given the same name.

While these kids are busy in a hospital fighting for their lives, let’s be their voices and fight for a cure.

If you would like to participate in this year’s Child Run, with Team Love For Lilee, here are a few ways you can:

Sign up to Team Love For Lilee as a runner/walker for the 1km family fun run or the 5km walk/run and create a personal fundraising goal, join the team as a fundraiser alone, or donate to Team Love For Lilee under one of the team members.

Click here to Join/Donate

We would LOVE to have as many members as possible and encourage you all to sign up for the run!!

 Throughout the next couple of months we will be selling T-shirts (coming soon), doing a very special online auction and possibly a pub night or two in order to spread awareness and raise funds for this run and for the lives of those precious children battling this monster. Use hashtags  #teamLFL and #teamloveforlilee for any social media.

In honour of Lilee-Jean, the little girl who continues to be a light of inspiration in so many lives, we can and will make a difference.

With Gratitude and Love,

Chelsey xo

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