The Last Christmas

As the snow blew all around us, as the people who loved us dearly danced, my mind was still and my heart was calm. I took it all in. I took in the expressions on the faces of our family, I took in the way the hall was decorated, the way the food smelled and … More The Last Christmas


I had a dream about her last night.  But it wasn’t like the others.   It was a party, everyone was there. Some of you, faces I only really know through Facebook, family and friends. And Lilee.  But it was different because in this one, she was dead. I knew she was gone. Everyone else knew she was … More Enough

July Is The New August

The change of the month, from July 31 to August 1, marks the beginning of the end of my girl. I walk a little heavier, I speak a little softer and my days of seemingly untainted joy start spreading further apart. August brings some of  my most favourite days, but it is also the prologue to watching my daughter leave … More July Is The New August

Dinner For Nine

I stood at the head of the table, wondering where to begin. I looked around at all the things I had come to know with such intense intimacy, but I still had no idea how they would react; I didn’t even know how to address them. I cleared my throat, but the dull roar of voices … More Dinner For Nine