On This Day: A Quick Little F*ck You From Facebook

Okay, sometimes it’s pretty great too, I guess.. but also, no one needs to see the nice things their stupid ex said about them or reminders of how round and firm their butt used to be…

Dinner For Nine

I stood at the head of the table, wondering where to begin. I looked around at all the things I had come to know with such intense intimacy, but I still had no idea how they would react; I didn’t even know how to address them. I cleared my throat, but the dull roar of voices … More Dinner For Nine

Thanks, Lil.

In a previous post I wrote that any time something happens to me that is good, I always thank Lil. If she is around up there, she has got to be the one behind any good fortune that comes my way. I thank her for the people in my life, both near and far. I … More Thanks, Lil.