To The Grievers: A Love Note

No one could possibly understand me Mine is different. Mine is worse Mine isn’t as bad Mine is too new Mine has been there for years I don’t like talking about it I need to always talk about it He was old so it’s different She was young so it’s different.

Thanks, Lil.

In a previous post I wrote that any time something happens to me that is good, I always thank Lil. If she is around up there, she has got to be the one behind any good fortune that comes my way. I thank her for the people in my life, both near and far. I … More Thanks, Lil.

A World In Crisis

Opinions. We all have them, we all stand by them, we fight for them and we fight because of them. We live them, we ignore them, we embrace them and we challenge them. But rarely do we accept someone else’s, regardless of whether or not we feel the same way. Why is that? Are our … More A World In Crisis