September 6

so there I was, sitting in the stillness with chaos in my head.
both everything and nothing.
both sure and unsure.
I knew where I had to be and yet I had no idea.
but she was there, and she held my hand.
each breath in I felt her take one too as she leaned her body into mine and rested her head against my chest. Like she’s always done.
and out.
I could smell her smell and watch her blonde hair dance in the breeze.
I could see the world and myself in her deep brown eyes.
I looked up for a moment and watched the waves of the ocean reach out and pull back in.
I looked back down at her but she was gone.
and yet,
I could still feel her hand in my hand
her head on my chest
and every breath in I could feel her take one too.
in and out.
In and out.
Just like the waves.
just like the stillness and the chaos.
both everything and nothing.
both In,
and out.

Lilee-Jean Frances Putt

December 5,2010-September 6,2013

Always & Forever, I’ll love you.


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